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FCCN Response to Coronavirus

Dear Saints,

First Community is responding to the coronavirus dilemma with a proactive approach. Your safety and the safety of your family are our utmost responsibility. So, in this time of heightened concern over the contagion of the virus our church will be taking the following steps:

1. We will suspend all of our programs and activities between Sundays, except choir practice.

2. Along with the Custodian’s usual cleaning and sanitizing of the church, we will hire persons to do a deep sanitizing of the church on Saturdays in anticipation of Sunday worship.

3. Ushers will be required to be the ONLY ones to open and close the entrance doors to the church and the sanctuary.

4. Each person will be asked to sit in alternate seats in the sanctuary (except for families who may choose to sit together) to facilitate SOCIAL DISTANCING.

5. The collection plates will be placed on the Communion Table and parishioners asked to come to the table to place their tithe and offerings in it.

6. There will be NO handshakes or hugs during the greeting chorus.

7. Sanitizing wipes will be made available for use outside and inside the bathroom doors.

8. Additional hand sanitizers will be installed in the church foyer and throughout the church building.

9. Both the Nursery and Children/Youth Sunday School are suspended until further notice.

10. Our counters will wear gloves in the handling of the offering.

11. The Audio/visual Department will be responsible for the sanitizing of all the equipment in both booths.

12. The music equipment will be sanitized during the deep sanitizing of the church on Saturday evening.

We will continue to encourage everyone to follow the CDC guidelines encouraging us to wash our hands frequently and avoid touching our faces. Let us repent and prayerfully beseech the Lord for deliverance from this pestilence that has come upon the earth.


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