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Dear Friend,

I am so glad that you have found our church website. May you find delight as you explore the various ways we are seeking to express God’s love. We hope we will have the opportunity to meet you and give you a more personal welcome at one of our worship services or community CARE projects. At First Community, we take seriously God’s command to love and care for each other. Loving and caring for the needs of others allows God to demonstrate how much he truly cares for us. It also brings the peace, joy and the sweet presence of God into the lives of those we serve; it brings comfort, encouragement and strength in the midst of every challenges. You are never alone!

We invite you and your family to experience the joy and excitement of worship at First Community family. But, should you need our assistance at any time do not hesitate to contact us. First Community is a fellowship of love where God Spirit unites us together as a family.

Let us Connect, Grow and Serve together!

Pastor Richards

(914) 261 – 8107

Pastor Leroy Richards - First Community Church of the Nazarine
Pastors graduation - First Community Church of the Nazarine
Omar Hawthorn - Pastor Leroy Richards
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