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How to Share Instagram Videos


Sharing Instagram videos or posts from FCCN requires you to have an Instagram account. If you do not have an Instagram account click here to create one.


Second, unlike YouTube and Facebook, Instagram doesn't notify you of posts we've made. However, you can see posts on your home page and share them to your stories or post catalog.

Simply follow "fccnaz" by searching for fccnaz and select the first link that appears from the search results. Hit follow and you'll be able to view posts on the home section feed page!


When you come across a post or a feed you enjoy and would like to share, simply touch or click the flying paper logo. A popup screen will suggest your group of friends you'd like to share it with.

You can also notify your friends on our posts by posting a comment with the tag symbols of the accounts you are acquainted with.

If you're just starting out, it's highly suggested to share Instagram posts on your Facebook to reach a wider audience. Click or touch the ellipsis logo in the top right corner and select "share to Facebook" to post to your Facebook page and make it public.


Last but not least, before sharing, make sure you like the post! 

Happy sharing!

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